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Interview: Anarchists in the Turkish Uprising

Tuesday, 9 July, 2013

Proteste in Istanbulübernommen von

In der autonomen Revolte, ohne Anführer, ist es Aufgabe der organisierten Individuen, die Verbreitung von Erfahrung und Taktiken voranzubringen. Es ist wichtig, dass diese Individuen bereits Erfahrung im Straßenkampf haben. Barrikadenbau, ErsteHilfe, Kochen usw. in selbstorganisierter Form entsteht nicht aus dem Nichts. Informationen müssen strukturiert und Anleitung effektiv verbreitet werden. Soziale Medien sind sowohl zur Diskussion der nächsten Schritte, als auch zum Aufbau von Solidarität, und dem Verbreiten von Taktiken geeignete Mittel. Read the rest of this entry »

Englischsprachige Broschüre zu der Revolte im Sommer 2011 in Großbritannien erschienen

Friday, 11 May, 2012

August 2011 Revolt - Anarchy in the UK - coverNachdem es im Sommer 2011 in Großbritannien zu einer Revolte kam, die sich wie ein Flächenbrand über der Region verbreitete, und zeigte wie rebellisch die Jugend sein kann, ist jetzt eine englischsprachige Broschüre erschienen, in welcher Texte zusammengestellt sind, welche während und nach den ereignisreichen Tagen geschrieben wurden.

zum Pdf-Download; zusammengestellt vom anarchist publishing project Dark Matter Publications

No Future, Just Vengeance…………………………..1
An Incomplete Chronology of Events……………..14
Report of Demo at Brixton Prison, 21 August……41
Letter from fugitive anarchist Badger……………..45
The Struggle Against the Existent Continues…….49
DON’T PANIC::DON’T TALK anarchist poster……..62

New Year’s Eve Overview

Tuesday, 10 January, 2012

Silvester zum Knast-Demonstration in Berlin 2011The night of the new year’s eve has seen again a lot of different type of protests taking place in Germany against prisons and all forms of detention, as well as against some of those, who daily enforce their existence.

The traditional demonstrations at local prisons saw an increase in their numbers and more cities decided that this was a good way to salute the upcoming year.
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Statement on Mark.Stone/Kennedy
by Mark Barnsley

Thursday, 20 January, 2011

Ein Statement von Mark Barnsley, ein langjähriger Anarchist aus England. Er beschreibt seine Sicht auf die Enttarnung und seine Beziehung zu Mark “Stone” Kennedy, wie er selber schreibt, war er die erste Person, auf die der Bulle angesetzt war.

Despite previously being a good friend of the now unmasked undercover cop Mark Stone/Kennedy, like most who genuinely knew him well I have until now maintained a stoic silence on the affair, in print at least. I regret having to make this statement and do so only in view of the fact that I have been named in the national press at least twice in relation to the matter, and to clarify the facts regarding the issue in as much as they pertain to myself.
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News about Mark „Stone“ Kennedy

Friday, 14 January, 2011

Mark 'Stone-Kennedy' exposed as undercover police officer‏Since the 10 of January the story around Mark „Stone“ Kennedy turned hot again. During a trial against so-called „climate activists“, the „Ratcliff 6“, one offered the stage again to Mark Kennedy. The „activists“ gave away many informations about him and his links to the local scene; the medias, which have been fed and supported by the „activists“, launched themselves on this hot story which, day by day, uncoils new developments and manages even to overshadow the ongoing unrests in Tunisia.

What is happening right now in England is really dangerous. People who describes themselves as political activists (who thanksfully have no pretence to understand themselves as revolutionaries, anarchists or whatsoever) got in touch with Mark in order to save their asses at the trial. Mortifying phonecalls between one well known english movement-manager and Mark have been broadcasted on television, shaking the english „public opinion“ who now asks for elucidation since she shows surprise in regards to the normal way how the repressive autorithy works. But grassing and spying on have been always belonging to the means of any sort of repressive agency.
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Thodoros Iliopoulos: An interview

Monday, 17 August, 2009

Greece ProtestsThe interview that follows was conducted by Ntina Daskalopoulou and published in an Athens daily this morning. It is translated and posted here as is: with no comments, additions or explanations – none is needed. After 36 days on hunger strike, Thodoros’ words are crystal clear. In his face, the State has found an enemy to unleash all its revanchist rage, some rage in reality directed against an ever-growing current of disobedience, resistance and solidarity. As long as there are people like Thodoros standing up to the wrath of the State, the next December will always be close. In the struggle against their order, Thodoros is not alone.


“I took a stance for December
and I am now faced with the State’s reprisal”

- Thodoros Iliopoulos

Eight months in pre-trial detention for December’s events, the last one also on hunger strike. His anticipated release in July never came, the theatre of the absurd of the charges against him continued and Thodoris remains incarcerated. But a fighter. This time, his “weapon” is his own body. He spoke to us over the phone from the prison of Korydallos. From there he sees the revanchist face of the State, that Greece of violence and repression but also another Greece of the restless youth, of the faith in ideals. Insisting on his innocence and his own beliefs. Paying dearly for both.
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Appeal in support of the prisoners after the uprising in December in Athens and a letter of one prisoner

Saturday, 20 June, 2009

The insurrection in Greece left some comrades and rebels behind bars. The judges and the state would like to use them now as scapegoats, because someone has to pay. However they are no scapegoats, but struggler, who need our active solidarity. Here a appeal in support of the imprisoned ones and a letter from Apostolis, one of the anarchist prisoners, who sat in prison Korydallos in Athens till end of June for more than six month.
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New antiterrorist investigations in France – death of a comrade, serious injury of another

Friday, 22 May, 2009

With every passing day, a new article about the recent death of a comrade in France appears in the bourgeois press. The story uncoils piece by piece. We will keep on following the events, therefore keep an eye on our website, as soon as any updates are available, they will be published there. For the ones, who speak French, are not in prison and have access to Internet, we recommend the website for the anarchist publication “Cette Semaine”, (which is always worth reading). These words were written around the 15th of May.

New antiterrorist investigations in France –
death of a comrade, serious injury of another

We have tried to write down these few thoughts but we find it extremely difficult to express our feelings by words. However, we try it, especially since these facts have not yet been made public.
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Active solidarity with Amadeu Casellas, on hunger strike since April 20

Thursday, 30 April, 2009

Amadeu Casellas has been locked up in Catalunya for over 22 years, and in that time he has been active in the struggles of prisoners of the Spanish State. He is currently being held for longer than the law permits, and last year carried out a 76 day hunger strike that ended with the prison authorities promising to begin his release process.

Five days after beginning his hunger strike, Amadeu Casellas finds himself in a delicate situation, his health is deteriorating faster than he had anticipated, and in just five days he has lost 7 kilos of bodymass.
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