Situation of Amadeu Casellas and Hunger Strike beginning April 20th 2009

After more than 7 months since leaving the last hunger strike that lasted 77 days, I make this refection and evaluation.

Salud Comrades!

The strategies that are maintained by motives of politics and force, from the Dirección General, with personalities like Jordi Torres, who was one of those responsible for what started the last hunger strike, because he was the subdirector of treatment of the Quatre Camins jail and for this, had to have known that the treatment team of the MR-3 was sending false notices, as much to JVP nº 1, as to the very Audiencia Provincial of Barcelona, now results that is found in the DGSP, I suppose like a prize for the services lended in Quatre Camins, for what I understand I have a direct enemy in the very Dirección General, for that which is evident is that it is one of those that is against my release from jail.

On the other hand, the majority know that in this jail in which I am, Brians 2, there has been produced more than 25 deaths in strange circumstances, in less than two years which it’s been open. Of all these deaths, I consider the most responsible to be the council of Justice of Catalonia, the general secretary of prisons Albert Batlle, the controllers of this jail and the treatment teams which are those that with their false promises, deceptions, etc, demotivate and morally sink many prisoners with this sad result of deaths.

In my case, during this time, i’ve seen how they wanted to manipulate me, asking for me to process one request to the CAS, in which I had to put that I have had a problem of drug relapses, to which I denied for being false. Also I see that the manner is sought for going about enlarging my instance in the jail. I had to have signed the Individual Treatment Program (P.I.T.), by 10-03-2009 at the latest, but I signed it 2-04-09. In this P.I.T., is considered that I have to leave with permissions, but without putting either the day, or hour, only saying that in this trimester which is supposed to be that which started 10-03-09, I believe that the patience that I have had has been long, but everything must have an end and not to be enlarging that which follows in the jail, for what I consider, that day 20 now will have passed the half of this trimester and I at least must have the day and hour of release, on the contrary, I have to think that it’s a new pulling of the leg or maybe they hope that i’ll kill myself, but withou going further, if they want my blood, then they come to seek it. THE HUNGER STRIKE WILL LAST UNTIL I’M OUT OF JAIL.

There won’t be any other type of agreement, if anything happens to me, the directors responsible will be Montserrat Tura, Albert Batlle, the controllers of this jail and, I suppose the treatment team.

With all this panorama which awaits me, if before 20th of April they haven’t given me the day and hour, I have to ask that this communique is distributed in various languages on the internet, so that all the anarchist groups at the international level, the antisystem groups, the Maulets Catalan independentists, those of the Basque Country and those of all the groups of Spain, with the CNT-AIT (IWA), of Human Rights and Against Torture, help me in the manner in which each one believes most opportune, because I believe that for more than myself I passed months in hunger strike, without you I will not succeed. Also I ask the involvement of the political parties of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya(ERC) [Republican Left of Catalonia] and Iniciativa Catalunya-Verds (ICV) [Catalan Green Initiative],and hope that between all, we will obtain my release as and like it says in their own penitentiary, penal, and constitutional laws.

Salud y Anarquía.
Cárcel de Brians 2.
Día 06-04-2009
Amadeu Casellas Ramon

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